Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK
Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK
Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK
Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK
Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK

Guard Dog Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK

Guard Dog Security

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Guard Dog Security - Electra 3 Million Volts Stun Gun Keychain 100 Lumen Flashlight - PINK

Disguised, pink lipstick keychain stun gun with 100 lumen flashlight.

Product Description

Guard Dog Security introduces the Electra Stun Gun, the most inconspicuous stun gun on the market. Enclosed in the body of cosmetic lipstick lies an even more disguised stun gun. Guard Dog exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology™ allows for embedded probes within the outer layer of the flashlight, completely concealing any visible prongs. Fire it up. This unique stun flashlight is very compact allowing you to carry anywhere on your body, The device fits easily in any purse or you can clip it to your keys with its optional keychain.
Fire it up, and the Electra sounds a rattling stun capable of immobilizing an attacker. The Guard Dog Electra embodies the brand’s tactical reputation, with a powerful 100 lumen flashlight. This gleaming light can be seen from yards away, serving purpose for an ideal, compact flashlight. Backed by a lifetime warranty. This stun device measures 4.5 inches in length and is 3 inches in diameter. The battery is built-in the device and is rechargeable. It comes with a wall charger that has an indicator light allowing you to know when the device is fully charged.



  • 3,000,000 concealed stun gun: With the touch of a button, the Electra blasts a stun gun that can scare from sound alone.
  • Mini and compact.
  • 100 lumen flashlight: More than fitting as a standard flashlight, this bright flashlight enables you to use it wherever you are for illumination for up to 50 yards away
  • Exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology™: Unlike traditional stun guns, the Electra is equipped with our Concealed Stun Technology™ which conceals any visible prongs. With this innovative design, no one will ever know what’s coming. This function makes for ideal everyday use
  • Added keychain for easy and instant usage: Clip it on to your keys for convenient protection and lighting wherever you are
  • Up to 100,000 hour bulb life: This high end bulb has a lifecycle of up to 100,000 hours
  • Rechargeable battery: The Electra is 100% rechargeable, with a build-in rechargeable battery. No need for expensive batteries, simple plug in the included wall charger into the unit
  • Includes wall charger
  • U.S. patent pending
  • Guard Dog

About Guard Dog Stun Guns

Guard Dog stun guns are a non-lethal and effective way of dealing with an attacker in self defense situations. With over 20 years of experience in the personal security market, Guard Dog knows a thing or two about protecting your body and your belongings. Recognized as one of the leading providers of concealed security products, Guard Dog has become one of the most trusted brands in personal security thanks to their well-made stun gun and other products.

Guard Dog makes a wide variety of security gear. One of their most popular items is flashlights, many of which come with concealed stun gun capabilities. They also produce personal security mechanisms like pepper spray, Guard Dog stun guns, bulletproof backpacks, and even steel batons. Whatever you’re looking for to better protect your home and your family, Guard Dog probably makes it and probably you will find it here at the STUN GUNS N' MORE Superstore!.

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A stun gun works by attacking the nervous system, delivering high-voltage electricity to an attacker’s body. Unlike tasers, stun guns must make direct contact with the assailant to work but they’re less regulated and typically smaller and easier to conceal. We sell a wide array of stun gun accessories like holsters and extra charge packs, too, available in several different colors. There’s something for every taste!

When seconds count, a stun gun can save your life. They have a higher incapacitation rate than a 9mm handgun and they’re non-lethal. The perfect choice for a college student or single mom! Protect yourself and your family with the easy convenience and affordability of a stun gun from one of the industry’s most trusted brands.

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