Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink
Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink
Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink
Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink

Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink

Stun Master

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Stun Master Rechargeable 12,000,000 Stun Baton - Pink

Stop attackers with the 12,000,000 or 4.5 milliamp Stun Master® stun baton flashlight. By sliding the safety switch to it's top position and pressing the activation switch on the finger grips of the handle a bright spark will come to life. This two step trigger helps prevent accidental discharge. Stun your assailants by touching them with the top prongs or side strips running down the Stun Master. On top of the stun feature the baton design and durable rubber coating gives you powerful striking options. There is also a built-in LED flashlight that can switch between three light modes; high, low, and strobe. For added safety the stun baton uses a disable pin lanyard that fits over your wrist and must be plugged in for it to work. That means if someone were to pull it from your hand the pin would come out and it would no longer operate, stopping them from stunning you. All of these features run on the internal rechargeable battery that recharges in any standard wall outlet with provided AC adapter plug. So never leave home without the Stun Master Stun Baton Flashlight and its nylon holster with belt loop.


  • Stun Master® 12,000,000 Volt Stun Gun Baton - Pink
  • 4.5 milliamps compared to typical 1-3 milliamp stun guns
  • Covered in non-conductive rubber for a firm grip
  • Top prongs and side strips deliver electric spark
  • Anyon grabbing the baton will be shocked by side strips
  • Press on/off finger grip switch to create a spark
  • Prevents accidental discharges with safety switch
  • 3 position safety switch; off, flashlight, and stun
  • Flashlight has 3 modes; high beam, low beam and strobe
  • Slide between off and middle position to cycle through light modes
  • Baton will not work if disable pin lanyard is not plugged in
  • Recharge baton in any standard wall outlet with AC adapter
  • Weighs: 1.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12" x 1 1/2"
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Note: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 8 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged.

What's Included

  • Disable pin wrist strap lanyard
  • Wall charger
  • Nylon holster
  • Instruction manual

About Stun Batons

Stun guns and batons are two of the most popular personal security products…it just makes sense to combine them into one, multi-purpose tool! A stun baton may be just what you’ve been looking for to feel more secure in your home, on your commute, or just going about your daily life. How does a stun baton work? Available in many sizes and styles, (we even have a Stun Walking Cane and a Stun Hiking Stick available!) most stun batons aren’t retractable. They do, however, often come with accessories such as flashlights, wrist straps, and holster holders. Stun batons provide the power of a carbon or steel police-grade baton with the millions of volts of electricity of a stun gun. With one of these at your side you’ll have plenty of ammo to ensure you can incapacitate an attacker long enough to escape to safety.

Stun batons allow you to stun an attacker without having to be in such close contact. Imagine delivering 4,000,000+ volts of electricity from up to a foot away! For professionals, stun gun batons are a smart solution for saving space and being prepared and the brands carried by The Stun Guns & More store are the best in the industry. Isn’t your personal safety worth looking into a state-of-the-art stun baton?

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