Wich one is the Best Stun Gun You Can Buy?



There’s something jolting about the sound of the mini electric thunder clap that a stun gun makes. And if the sound and sight of a hot white electric arc aren’t enough to scare an attacker, then the pain of millions of volts of electricity, that even the smallest electroshock guns have, certainly will!

Stun guns make a great non-lethal self defense weapon that anyone can use. You can also use it in adverse weather conditions when pepper spray will be ineffective.

But what is the best stun gun for you? This article contains a ton of information and stun gun reviews to help you choose among the many electroshock products on the market in 2014.

Our Top Three Recommendations

Editor’s Choice Quick Guide


Stun Master Multi-function


JOLT JMS46PK Mini Stun Gun


StreetWise Knight Light Stun Flashlight


9,500,000 volts shock

46,000,000 volts shock

25,000,000 volts shock

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

180 Lumen Flashlight




Medium cost

Low cost

Medium cost




What is a stun gun?

A stun gun is a type of non-lethal electroshock weapon that uses a high voltage (millions of volts) electric shock to cause brief but intense pain and involuntary muscle contraction. Stun guns provide self defense through pain compliance — basically your attacker is deterred under the threat of pain. And believe me, a million volts of electricity is painful!

Your typical gun will have two metal prongs where the electrical arc is produced. When this arc comes in contact with a person the electroshock is applied, causing pain and even capable of momentarily taking down a large person.


Stun-guns vs Taser – The most powerful stun gun?

It is important not to confuse all stun guns with a Taser (Tazer), which is a brand of electroshock weapon that is frequently used by police and military units. Tasers used in today’s police force fire two electrified pins into a target causing long lasting muscle seizure and thus incapacitation. This mechanism of incapacitation can be long lasting and can be used from distance.

It is considered to be the most effective electroshock defense weapon. However, Tasers are expensive to own and operate. But if you are looking for the GOLD standard used by police and military forces then check it out here (they are legal for civilian use in most states)

 You wouldn’t believe the price….. Military Grade Professional Taser

Are stun guns lethal?

Generally, no. Although stun guns use high voltage, it is brief and they do not have a high electric current, which is really the determining factor for lethal electrocution.

But under certain rare circumstances (typically special heart conditions) complications from electroshock can cause injury or death. There have been a couple isolated cases in the news where tasers have caused fatalities.

Different kinds of Stun Guns / Taser devices

There are many different types of electroshock weapons available for purchase on the market today. Here are some of the main types that you can buy in 2017:


  For personal protection and ease of carrying in a pocket or purse. Many come with a bright LED light which can help disorient an attacker, allowing you to swoop in and apply your millions volt shock.

Heavy Duty


A large hand held stun device with a bigger and more powerful battery. Useful for more tactical situations or home defense.

A larger battery means that the stun gun can be fired more times than a smaller compact stun gun. Electric shock voltages also tend to be much higher for these devices.

The only downside with larger stun devices is the inconvenience of carrying them.


Stun Gun Flashlight / Taser Flashlight


A combination heavy duty taser and super bright tactical flashlight. Extremely popular with security guards who work nights. The super bright flashlight can be used to temporarily blind an attacker, and then the stun feature can be used to swoop in for an incapacitating shock.

These products typically have lower voltage ratings (2 million volts) compared to some other heavy duty shock devices. The brightness of the flashlight is measured in lumens, and is generally 150-300 lumens.


Stun Baton


Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 13,000,000 volts Stun Baton

A stun baton is an electroshock device built into a long stick that can be used to shock an attacker while mainlining a safe distance. It can also be used as a combination of stun device and  melee weapon, which is a great advantage.


Other forms

These include wands, batons, electrified brass knuckles, “iphones”, or other concealed objects.

Tasers for women

Women are often the targets of many violent crimes, and are usually least able to defend or flee with their physical abilities alone. As such there are numerous different self defense weapons that are made specifically for women in mind.

Tasers (and also pepper sprays) are great for females looking for personal security. Tasers are easy to use and work on attackers of all sizes and are particularly useful for up close encounters.

Many electroshock producst made for women often come in vibrant colors (pink tasers) and are generally compact so they can be easily carried in a purse. There are also tasers that are concealed to look like lipstick.

Pink Tasers

  There are many many many different tasers that come in pink for the female with self defense in mind, like the 20,000,000 volts Multiguard with LED flashlight and Alarm. Look for a weapon that you can carry with you at all times. You never know when trouble might come.

Perfume Stun Gun

  Concealed inside a canister of perfume spray bottle, this StreetWise perfume electroshock device also comes with a built in super bright LED flashlight! It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch – 3.5 million volts.

Stun Gun Laws – Are they Legal?

Stun guns are legal in most states and can be purchased freely without any need of license. Some notable restrictions exist in certain states:

States — Legal

AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT*, DE, FL, GA, ID, IN**, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WY

**Indiana State Law allows stun guns only for home use.

States — Prohibited

HI, IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI, & WI

Cities — Prohibited

Annapolis, MD,

Baltimore, MD

Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA

Baltimore County, MD

Crawford County, IA

Where can I buy a stun gun?

Assuming that electroshock self defense weapons are legal in your state / city  (see above), then you should be able to find one in any hardware, outdoors, or sporting goods store. You may also find them where firearms and other self defense products are sold.

They are also available online like places eBay and Just remember that online vendors are also subject to the same laws as brick and mortar stores, so they will not ship to you if you live in a city / state that has restrictions.

What to look for when buying

Here are some important factors that you will want to consider when purchasing an electroshock self defense product.

  • Voltage: Look for something with at least 1 million (1,000,000) volts. The higher the better, as this results in a more intense shock. However the duration of the shock (current) is also very important. The shock duration is related to the battery size.
  • Battery: This can be an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery or a removable alkaline battery. Rechargeable batteries are much more convenient, however the maximum charge will diminish over repeated use and recharging. A larger battery allows for longer shock duration.
  • Size: A smaller electroshock gun is easy to carry but the battery will not last as long. A heavy duty gun can pack more juice and dish out multiple repeated shocks without losing its sting.
  • Safety Mechanism: You don’t want to accidentally fire a stun device that you are carrying in your pocket. Look for something that has an easy to use but robust safety mechanism.

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