About Animal Repellents

Why We Sell Animal Repellents

A combination of solid local regulations and excellent wildlife management have greatly reduced the number of violent incidents between aggressive animals and human beings. But there is no way to guarantee that a person will never have to face an angry dog or a protective mother bear. Things happen.

If you read the news, you are fully aware that people die every year after unfortunate encounters with animals. We sell animal repellents in order to give people who find themselves in such situations the upper hand. Our animal repellents are divided into two categories: bears and dogs.

Bear repellents are ideal for people who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, in locations frequented by bears. Of course, there are residential neighborhoods in certain locations around the country where bears are known to be a problem. People living in such neighborhoods would do well to arm themselves with a bear repellent.

Dog repellents are less for the great outdoors and more for the suburban or urban neighborhood. They are an excellent option for runners and joggers, bicyclists, postal workers, meter readers, and others who routinely find themselves encountering dogs throughout the day.

These Are Non-Lethal Animal Repellents

If you are worried about causing long-term damage or death to the animals affected by these repellents, you can dismiss that worry. These repellents are as non-lethal to animals as pepper spray is the humans. Animal repellents cause a lot of discomfort, but they are not deadly or harmful in the long term.

A good bear spray can cause enough discomfort to stop aggressive action while the user makes an escape. We sell two  products that do just that. Animal repellents for dogs work the same way. They neutralize an aggressive canine long enough for a person to get away and call authorities.

Please understand how important these animal repellents are. When certain animals get aggressive, they can be highly unpredictable. One of your customers can move from a seemingly safe and innocuous situation into a life-threatening emergency in mere seconds. Having access to a handy and easy-to-use animal repellent could mean the difference between stopping an attack in facing serious injury or death.

The idea here is not to harm aggressive animals; it is to prevent them from harming you. That's why animal repellents are considered non-lethal self-defense. You are not on the attack with a bear or dog spray. Instead, the spray only comes out when you need to defend yourself.

For those who love camping or hiking in the great outdoors, our products provide self-defense against animals and can save your life in the event of an attack. We offer a wide selection of products, including the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Spray the Mace Brand Bear Spray, the Sabre Dog Deterrent Pepper Spray, the Mace Brand Dog Repellent Spray, and the high-frequency ultrasonic animal repeller that effectively ward off large coyotes, wolves and even bears.

Animal repellent might be the single most important item in your gear if there are bears in the vicinity of your campsite. In the summer of 2011, two tragic bear-mauling deaths occurred at Yellowstone National Park, and a subsequent investigation concluded that both victims might have survived had they been carrying animal repellent spray.

In addition to bear spray, we offer many products that provide protection against other animals as well, like the ultrasonic dog repeller that emit high-frequency sounds and are equally effective for training a pet. Plus, all of our animal repellent products are completely humane, often saving the life of the person in danger as well as the approaching animal.

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